SWATEX Sealtralizer


The SWATEX Sealtralizer is a solution for preventing the unwanted migration of well fluids through microannulus leak paths between the casing and cement sheath. It uses TOMEX's centralization designs and proprietary hybrid-swellable technology to create a Micro-Seal isolation system-unit. The SWATEX Sealtralizer can be used after cementing and is a low-risk and cost-effective alternative to remedial cementing operations. By using the SWATEX Sealtralizer, the need for expensive and time-consuming remedial cementing operations, which are often necessitated by microannulus pressure migration, can be avoided.

 Bow Sealtralizer 

The SWATEX Bow Sealtralizer is a useful tool for achieving efficient displacement of mud and proper placement of cement in cased-hole and openhole wellbore sections. The bows are designed for optimal casing standoff, which ensures maximum displacement efficiency. The device features a Micro-Seal isolation unit that can swell in microannular spaces, preventing unwanted migration of well fluids. The proprietary hybrid-swellable technology from TOMEX ensures that the element swells in the presence of water/hydrocarbon-based wellbore fluids, wet gases, or any combination of these, providing complete annular isolation. The SWATEX Bow Sealtralizer is a cost-effective solution for preventing costly remedial cementing operations caused by microannulus pressure migration.

Spiral Sealtralizer 

The SWATEX Spiral Sealtralizer is a slip-on device with rigid blades designed to optimize mud displacement for vertical, inclined, and horizontal wells. The rigid blades minimize drag forces while running-in-hole, easily gliding over restrictions, and are designed to collapse with a predetermined side force if a restriction is encountered. This feature enables the casing to be run or pulled without the risk of a stuck pipe.

The Spiral Sealtralizer system creates at least one point in the well with total annular isolation. The rigid blades provide maximum standoff to achieve the most efficient displacement of mud and the most effective placement of the cement. The swellable Spiral Sealtralizer is designed to swell in micro-annular spaces that can form after the cement is in place as well as against the OD of the casing on which it was deployed. The combination of these tools results in a system that provides multiple locations in the annulus, each with the best possible chance of achieving isolation.

The Spiral Sealtralizer is available in heavy-duty (HD) or single-collar (SC) spiral-blade contour configurations with either straight or spiral blades, and it can be used with TOMEX’s other mechanical cementing products.




• Cost-effectiveness: The SWATEX Sealtralizer provides a low-cost alternative to expensive and time-consuming remedial cementing operations, resulting in significant cost savings.
• Effective sealing: The swellable element in the Sealtralizer system effectively seals against irregular annular geometries, preventing microannulus gas migration.
• Compatibility: The hybrid-swellable element can be activated by water/hydrocarbon-based fluids and/or wet gases or any combination of these, ensuring zonal isolation in any environment.
• Multiple locations for isolation: The Sealtralizer system incorporates an integrated centralizer, which provides maximum standoff in multiple locations of the annulus, giving the best possible chance of achieving isolation, reducing the need for remedial cementing operations and buildup of annular casing pressure.
• Operational flexibility: The swellable elements in the Sealtralizer system can operate in downhole temperatures of up to 300°F (150°C), providing operational flexibility.
• Protection during running-in-hole: The end rings in the Sealtralizer system protect the swellable element from damage during running-in-hole.
• Compatibility with other products: The SWATEX Sealtralizer system can be used with TOMEX’s other mechanical cementing products.


The SWATEX Sealtralizer is available in various sizes, with a tubular size range of 4.5 to 13.375 inches, maximum rigid OD range of 5.52 to 14.56 inches, maximum bow OD range of 7.13 to 19.38 inches, and an overall length range of 33.13 to 35.75 inches. The system can be used in hole sizes ranging from 6.25 to 18.5 inches. When possible, the Sealtralizer should be fitted over a stop collar for easy retrieval, but it can also be secured to the tubing/casing using set screws if no rotation is planned.