Tomex has been created to develop leading technology in oil and gas industry,specially downhole tools. The first product developed by this company was a thru-tubing retrievable inflatable packer. The number of products and provided services of this company grew rapidly in the ensuing years. The company has various departments like mechanical engineering, polymer engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy engineering, marketing and other departments to develop interdiscliplinary products. The TOMEX team is dedicated to your success. Our integrated team holds quality, innovation, safety,responsiveness, and collaboration as main values.

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Inflatable Sealing Elements: Slat Type


Features and Advantages:

- Single-set applications

- Can be expand up to 3 times the tool run-in diameter

- Exposed slats function as slips


Inflatable Sealing Elements: Cable-Reinforced Type


Features and Advantages:

- Multiple-set applications

- Can be expand up to 2.5 times the tool run-in diameter

- Sets in perforations, slots, fractures, or open hole


Swellable Sealing Elements


Features and Advantages:

- No moving parts allows for easy deployment, reducing well construction costs.

- Fully customizable swellable isolation system enables fit-for-purpose design.

- Conforming element enables isolation in irregular hole shapes and changing annular geometries.

- The modular type can be installed on the operator’s base pipe as it is run in the hole, enabling faster run times.

Top Selling Products


Product Family No.TX110

The Thru-Tubing Inflatable Retrievable Packer provides a means of performing remedial and stimulation operations without pulling the production tubing.

Product Family No.TX120

The thru-tubing permanent inflatable bridge plug provides a means of permanently plugging off the bottom of a well without pulling the production tubing or killing the upper producing zones.
Swellable Packer

Product Family No.TX310

Swellable polymer allows the packer to achieve high differential pressure and temperature ratings required in high-pressure applications

Why Us?

Customers choos TOMEX to recieve professional and integrated services including design, manufacturing, testing and oporation. Our talented teams accompany the customers from the concept development to job oporation.

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Presence of TOMEX in the 24th International Oil Exhibition
( 01 05 19)
TOMEX participated in the 24th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition, in order to present the latest achievements and products.
Wellhead Maintenance of Well Ahwaz 269 Using Inflatable Retrievable Bridge Plug Made by TOMEX
( 03 11 18)
Following the successful use of the Inflatable Retrievable Bridge Plug Made by TOMEX in the operation of Wellhead Maintenance of Well Ahwaz 269, this news was posted on the website of Iranian Labour News Agency ILNA.